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Gee-golly-shucks, you guys!  Thanks!

I'm getting slammed with comments and love and general goodness today, so to everyone I haven't gotten back to, thanks for being nice and thanks for being patient!

(and thanks for being so cool about my stuff!)

Gonna be at table 521A with bay area artist Thi Bui this weekend, October 1st and 2nd, selling vol. 2 of The Anthology Project.

YOU should come see me.  And peruse my wares.

See you Saturday!
Hey peoples.  I just picked up a gig doing live action boards, which I haven't done in a while, and my camera lingo is  R U S T Y .  

Anybody know where I can find a quick online refresher for shooting jargon?
Hey, all.  I've made prints out of all my tribute pieces inspired by Japanese artists.

Until further notice, all of my profit from these prints (20% of the total cost) will go to the American Red Cross relief for the Japan Earthquake and the Pacific tsunami.

If you'd rather skip the art and donate directly, you can do it here:…
So I'm all up on deviantART, now.

Bein' devious.